Bosch vs DeWalt. Review of the impact of 18V screwdrivers.

In my hands were two of the screwdriver, and with very similar characteristics with the same price range and with the same equipment, I could not resist and decided to do a little comparative test both. As a matter of principle to disassemble screwdrivers will not (both new).

So, compare the two drums of the screwdriver in the right corner of the ring to be a hammer drill Bosch GSB 180-LI, in the left-hand impact drill driver DeWALT DCD776S2. Both of the screwdriver belong to the entry-level professional tools. Package for two samples are completely identical: case, drill, two 18 volt lithium-ion one with a capacity of 1.5 A⋅h, charger well and passports.
Case for DeWALT a little more than the Bosch looks good and is equipped with metal latches that lock closure, and a pocket for documents. The Bosch case has a smaller size, made of good plastic and has a very compact layout, drill and all the accessories are very compactly arranged in the case, as they say, nothing more. Loved the slot for stowing the cord from the charger, from the practice of the use cases, the cord is constantly trying to lie on any bulkhead that prevents the closure of the case.In both cases there are loops for hanging lock.

Bosch vs DeWalt. A comparative review of the impact of 18V screwdrivers. - photo 2
Bosch vs DeWalt. A comparative review of the impact of 18V screwdrivers. - photo 3
Frankly, the case for me is not particularly critical, since the required tools are carried in a large bag and case studies are used for temporary storage between jobs. By the way, in both cases is no space to store raskhodki the type of drill or bit, although if you want them to attach. (more…)